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Collisions are never fun, but despite our best efforts to prevent them from happening, they happen. When you are looking for an auto body service, your vehicle is almost certainly not in the state you want it to be in, but don't fret! Help is on the way. Don't burden yourself with the fears and worries of finding a suitable place to take your vehicle. Come to Classic Coach Works, where our excellent staff of trained auto technicians will fix your vehicle up as good as new! We do our very best to provide top quality auto body and collision repair for our customers, knowing that your situation is far from easy. Let us help you fix up your vehicle as good as new. Stop by our shop today to speak with a specialist so that we can get your vehicle out of the shop and back on the road in no time!

Auto Body FAQ

At Classic Coach Works, we believe you should make an informed decision on your vehicle's repairs. We've included an FAQ below and encourage you to research and reach out if you have any questions. The safe repair of your vehicle is essential, and it's important that you are comfortable with your auto body shop and the process.

Do I need to go the auto body shop recommended by the auto insurance provider?

No. It's your choice where to bring your vehicle. Insurance providers have a list of recommended shops or "direct repair" shops they encourage you to choose. These are shops where the insurance provider has negotiated rates, making it beneficial for the provider. However, this doesn't mean you need to choose one of those auto body repair shops. You are legally protected in Connecticut to choose an auto body repair shop you trust.

In many instances, the auto body shop and insurance provider will come to an agreement on the repair price. If no agreement can be reached and you agree to move forward, you may be required to pay the difference. If another driver is at fault for the damage to your vehicle and it's the liability insurer refusing to pay, you may be eligible for an arbirtration program.

See the State of Connecticut Insurance Department website for more information.

Will my auto body shop handle the insurance paperwork?

You'll need to check that your chosen auto body repair shop can handle the paperwork with your insurance provider. At Classic Coach Works, we work with many insurance providers to make the process easier for our customers.

Do I need to visit my insurance claim center for an appraisal?

You don't need to take your vehicle to an insurance claim center to have it appraised. Instead, contact the insurance provider and request an appraiser be sent to your chosen repair shop.

My vehicle isn't safe to drive and needs to be towed. Where should I bring it?

If you can't drive your vehicle, contact your auto body shop and see about having it towed there. If you tow it to a storage center, you may incur additional expenses and leave it vulnerable to vandalism or theft. At Classic Coach Works, we can accomodate towed vehicles.

Will I be covered by warranty if I choose my own auto body shop?

Check with your auto body shop to see what warranty coverage is provided. Many auto body shops provide warranties.

Other questions or concerns? ContactClassic Coach Works. We have experience with the auto body repair process and are dedicated to making your experience easy and hassle-free.

Why an Auto Body Service?

While mechanics are fantastic, and provide absolutely remarkable services to restore function to your vehicle, you need a specialized auto body service to restore your vehicle's appearance. Classic Coach Works auto body repair service is capable of honing in on the intricate details will make your car look as good as new. As an auto body shop, we are able to both mechanically and cosmetically fix whatever went wrong with your vehicle. We have the tools and necessary expertise to help you get back on the road, looking no worse for the wear!

Check out our services for auto body collision repair and paint to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or visit our about us section to find out more!

We serve Southbury, CT, Middlebury, CT, Oxford, CT, Woodbury, CT, and surrounding areas.

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